• Hotel Elektra
  • Hotel Elektra


Establishment of the hotel

Our grandparents, Eleftherios and Theodora, establish the beach resort ELEKTRA HOTEL and host their guests with love and care ever since. They contribute, in their own special way, to the beautiful island of Thassos becoming a popular holiday destination.


Ownership change within the family

Following 41 years of operation, the business is transferred from the grandparents to the grandchildren. The new vision is to enrich the family tradition of authentic hospitality with first class services and benefits. Facilities such as the bathrooms in the rooms and the kitchen are renovated, the wireless network is upgraded, and the hotel is equipped with COCO-MAT sleep products made of natural materials.


In our philosophy, good is not enough.

Our priority at ELEKTRA HOTEL is to understand our guests and fulfil their needs and expectations as well as to provide outstanding services. To that end, we continue improving our facilities and services, now redesigning the exterior including the car park and the beach as well as renewing the equipment in the rooms.


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